Region preps for big snowstorm

Emergency workers are locked and loaded, ready for a big snowstorm predicted to roll in Sunday night.The National Weather Service has heralded the impending danger for days and late Friday place Wichita Falls and North Texas in a Winter Storm Warning from midnight Saturday to 6 p.m. Monday.Government meteorologists warn North Texas could get six to eight inches of snow from Sunday night through Monday.

Higher amounts are possible in some areas.Adding to the misery will be low temperatures that flirt with zero. In fact, the low on Monday night could be -2 degrees.If near record cold werent enough, the weather service says brisk north winds will make it worse, plunging wind chill factors to -16.Wear layers of warm clothing, hat and gloves, NWS advises, cautioning it takes only 15 minutes for bare skin to suffer frostbite in such brutal conditions.

This snow is likely to be the dry, drifting kind which will obliterate visibility, especially on Monday. Travel could be very difficult to impossible, the weather service said in its warning.Fortunately, Wichita Falls public schools will be closed to students Monday and Tuesday for staff training. That should reduced traffic headaches on the streets.Adele Lewis, spokesperson for the TxDOT headquarters in Wichita Falls, says crews have been pre-treating bridges, overpasses and sections of roads and will continue to do so.S

ome crews in the nine-county TxDOT region have already started 12-hour shifts. The rest will start Saturday night into Sunday morning. All maintenance employees are on standby to report to duty.Also, the City of Wichita Falls is staging equipment and personnel and working in conjunction with TxDOT. The city has five snow plows, three motor graders and six V-Box spreaders ready, according to a press release.The initial response will be focused on … emergency service roadways to be cleared first. Larger thoroughfares that carry the highest amount of traffic will be secondary. Due to limited resources and equipment, residential streets are not plowed, the city said. If the situation warrants, a rock mixture will be applied to icy surfaces, major intersections and roadways as resources allow.The city anticipates delays in trash collection, bus routes and Wichita Falls Regional Airport and Kickapoo Airport flights.More:

City warns of frozen pipes dangerThe Health District moved all second dose Covid-19 vaccination appointments scheduled for Tuesday to Friday, February, 19. All affected individuals were notified.The Wichita Falls Police Department has contingency plans for such an event and can call in officers or bring in shifts early if necessary.More: Oncor positions crews in preparation for winter storm Agencies such as Faith Mission and the Salvation Army began making extra efforts to shelter and feed homeless people as the cold snap set in.Chances of snow remain in the forecast through Wednesday. The weather service says this cold, snowy storm could be a record breaker.

texarkana, 3D rendering, city flag with stars and stripes


It was named for its location on the state line between Bowie County, Texas, and Miller County, Arkansas, only a short distance above the Louisiana boundary. According to one tradition, the name was derived from a steamboat known as the Texarkana, which plied the water of the Red River as early as 1860. Seventy Indian mounds, reminders of Caddo occupation and culture, are within a radius of thirty miles of Texarkana.

When the builders of the Cairo and Fulton Railroad crossed Arkansas in the late 1850s and by 1874 pushed their rails beyond the Red River to the border line of Texas, they met there the rail head that had been extended to the state line by the builders of the Texas and Pacific. In 1876 Texarkana, Texas, was granted a charter under an act of the state legislature. For some time after that the post office was known as Texarkana, Arkansas, until Congressman John Morris Sheppard secured a postal order changing the name officially to Texarkana, Arkansas-Texas. By 1925 the Texas side of the town had a population of 11,480, many of whom worked for one of the railroads or in processing agricultural products.

While commercially one city, Texarkana consists of two separate municipalities, aldermanic in form, with two mayors and two sets of councilmen and city officials. By 1960 the total population reached 50,006 (30,218 in Texas and 19,788 in Arkansas). In 1970 the area population was 101,198, with 67,813 in Bowie County, Texas, and 33,385 in Miller County, Arkansas. Industries in the area included the manufacture and marketing of lumber products, sewer tile, rockwool, sand and gravel, mobile homes and accessories, municipal hardware supplies, tires, railroad tank cars, and paper products.

The city of Texarkana is the transportation, commercial, and industrial center for this Texas-Arkansas area, as well as the hub for portions of Oklahoma and Louisiana; it is also the educational, cultural, and medical center of the metropolitan area.

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