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Rough Roads for Truck Drivers

There are many issues that drivers must be conerned with: weather, speed, scales etc..It is still up to me to remain vigilant and plan the route according to the need.

We are all aware there are numerous roads that for whatever reason are bad, dangerous, or just annoying. Here are a few that are rough and dangerous.

1. Interstate-285, GA

Traffic, traffic and guess what..traffic. According to the I 285 has been America’s deadliest interstate is in Georgia from 2013- 2015. The I-285 highway is a 64-mile road that loops around Atlanta and was the site of 20 fatalities last year, according to 4ThePeople. In 2013, the interstate was deemed the most dangerous in the country because studies showed that I-285 had more fatal accidents per mile than any other interstate.

2.Interstate 20, TX

Interstate 20 (I‑20) is a major east–west Interstate Highway in the Southern United States. I‑20 runs 1,535 miles (2,470 km) beginning near Kent, Texas. According to Jack on the Web Arlington’s 4-Mile Stretch of I-20 is the deadliest in All of Texas. The Texan highways are considered extremely deadly, even in comparison for the rest of the United States.

Please feel free to add bad roads to the list, share your stories, or just offer some friendly tips about what to watch out for on a particular stretch of road.

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